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About Soi11 Vegetarian Restaurant

Jaipur based Indian & Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant

Soi11 Vegetarian Restaurant is the creation of a family owned and operated team. Our "vegetarian meets Indo-Chinese cuisine" restaurant has a diverse and flavorful menu. Our menu is based on high-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients.

We have a wide selection of dishes that demonstrate our personal touch for every taste bud. The level of quality and service at our Jaipur vegetarian restaurant has made us a critically acclaimed success and have been nominated for Best Veg restaurants in vaishali nagar jaipur .

Enjoy tasty vegetarian dishes in Jaipur only at Soi11

We are vegetarian restaurant, take away and catering in Jaipur. Book your table online with amazing deals.

If you’re looking for value and tasty food, you will certainly find it here.

Soi11 vegetarian restaurant you need to try

In addition to our regular menus, we also offer gluten-free, fat-free, whole food and soy-free menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You’ll find your breakfast, lunch and dinner at Soi11 with affordable prices and delicious taste. enjoying with friends and family, or fueling up for an evening, day & night on the town.